1. Refusing to try to speak a few words of the language of the country you are in.
  2. Going to a squat toilet in a third world country and forget to take tissues or toilet paper.
  3. Continuing on from point 2 – but realising this after you have done your business(no, hasn’t happened to me yet, and hopefully never will).
  4. Not respecting cultures or customs and being ignorant and rude.
  5. Reading about what to do in the country on the last day you are there and discovering a million things you no longer have the time to do.
  6. Being afraid to do and try new things.
  7. To contradict point 6; trusting a room full of drunken navy boys who say come and try new things – well no good will ever  come from that.
  8. Not checking where and what time your transport arrives – leaving you stranded in random roadside hellholes all over the world and repeating this time and time again, after not heeding your own advice the first, second and fifth times.
  9. Bartering when you have not yet mastered the language, resulting in you paying more than they were asking for in the first place.
  10. Deluding yourself you actually will get some sleep on a long economy plane ride and feel good enough to then go on a series of overnight bus rides when you arrive.

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