LOOSE BOWEL MOVEMENTS (added 16.12.09)

Come on everyone who has travelled has at least one vomiting or poo story!

 I am one of those people who have at least one for every city I have been in.  Too much information?  Well if I don’t talk about it, who will?

Ahh where to start!

Do I mention the bus in Java that wouldn’t stop  for me even though my friend was clearly making the international sign for vomiting which they found hilarious and rather than stopping the bus, kept smiling and waving back to her.  Well my smiling companions, was not so funny when the box I threw up in exploded was it?  Yes that made you grind that bus to a screaming halt – resulting in me running off the bus, with my leaky box spilling over everyone’s bare feet.   

Is that the reason you drove off? Leaving me solo on the side of the road with my vomit box, and my last vision before throwing up again was my friend peering through the window helplessly as she was driven away with my backpack, money and all my id.

Or the time in India, when my brother is desperately asking the taxi driver how long until we reach the station?  To which the driver casually replies – “you have loose bowel motions – yes?”   We are all sitting in the back seat, finding this uproarious until my brother then turns to us all and says “Guys, I am not sure but I may have just sht myself”.

Hilarious when it is happening to someone else!  Not so much, when it is happening to you.




  1. this reminds me of being sick in a little village in Lautoka, with no curtain on the bathroom and a small elderely grandma leaning in and asking me questions – like “cup of tea?” “what are you doing?” “some roti?”, all the while i was still trying to be polite…

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