THE ART OF DOING NOTHING (added 27.12.10)

Why does it take a holiday for your mind to slow down, and you give your body permission to sit still?

Are our lives really that chaotic that we can only rest a few times a year?

I teach meditation at the end of my fitness class, and speak of the benefits of slowing and clearing the mind – yet I most often have a monkey mind- little monkeys rolling around in barrels in my mind- swinging off trees and nattering away.

Silencing the mind is an art!  An art I am still learning how to master.

Holidays allow you the pleasure of relaxing without the guilt. 

Holidays inspire my creative mind and just make me wonder why my mind is  blocked from these inspirations in my every day life, is it so full of worry of cramming so many things into my day that I leave no room for things that make me truly happy like photography and writing.

The art of doing nothing is the greatest gateway to inspire, rejuvenate and unleash the artist within.

The art of doing nothing and resting allows for greater compassion and patience, more tolerance of ourselves and others and allows us to be more open to new ideas and experiences.

People often feel they are a better version of themselves when they are travelling, but do they ever wonder why?  Is it a combination of the above, that we are relaxed enough to really feel things, our senses heightened, our tolerance greater,  our need for adventure greater, and at the same time our need to relax stronger.

Being on holidays, and travelling is a mixture of emotions and experiences, and maybe the better version of ourselves we so desperately miss after a great trip, can be easily found with some gentle time out…….


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