SUNSET BAR AT SUNSET (written 11.10.10)

As we sit on our cushioned lounge chairs, sipping Pina Colada’s, watching the sun set over the ocean; we celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary.  We don’t bother with gifts this year as we are in Fiji surely that is enough, according to tradition the gift for the second anniversary is wood so I guess it’s safe to say what my gift will be!

With the palm trees swaying gently in the breeze, we contemplate our two years of marriage and we feel extremely fortunate to be in the position we are currently in, in our lives to be able to afford this five day holiday.

Today we were treated to a trip to a local village where the entire village welcomed us and wished us a happy anniversary-hilarious!  We walked through the lush village with dense trees laden with fruit and we were lead to an amazing waterfall; we were hot from the walk and the icy water was a welcome reward at the end.

After our guide took several inappropriate photos zoomed in of my boobs (still unsure why, considering it was my camera) we walked back into the village and as we looked at the houses, we again reminded ourselves of our fortunate situation in life.  We met the village chief, drank some Kava and sat around while a group of men spoke in a language we didn’t understand.  The laughter, frequent glances in our direction and mention of the word Australia all indicated that we were the subject of conversation.

So this brings me to now, sipping Pina Colada’s at the sunset bar, making my husband of two years take photos so that I can quickly write this blog story – we are looking through our pictures taken of our trip so far and we are thinking how lucky we are that we are still so in love, still make each other laugh and so so grateful that we have one more full day in paradise before our holiday is over.


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