One of the things that cracks me up the most when travelling are those signs you see everywhere about things that you just don’t understand. 


Bruge Streets – watch out Exclamation Point here!

Menus that you cant read and when you order what comes out looks nothing like the picture you pointed to.

Conversations you walk away from wondering what on earth just happened there.

 In India we were desperately trying to tell an Indian man we can’t go to his shop as our brother is back at the hotel as he is sick, yes Sikh says the Indian man, I have turbans for him.  I sell turbans to all the Sikh’s.   

 I spent 3 months in America at a summer camp; it’s incredible how much you can struggle with the English language even when the words are the same. Watching the look of horror on 15 year old American girl’s faces when I told them I couldn’t walk any further as my thong had broken, or simply asking them to put the rubbish in the bin. Whaaaaaaattttt they say – oh you mean trash!

Or of course there is the time I was trying to be clever and put my newly learned Japanese language skills to the test; when I told a lady her baby was scary instead of cute.  Come on people the words really are quite similar.

It’s these seemingly insignificant moments of your journey that you remember so vividly and make you laugh so much.  It’s the sign next to the craziest waterfall in Mexico telling you that it is “Dangerous NOT to swim here”. 

Or the 16 year old guy who rides past you on his bike wearing a “world’s greatest mum”  T-shirt and when you can stop laughing long enough you notice the signs posted all around Bali saying Bloody Fcken Cold Beer served here.

Have you ever been to Italy where all around the streets it seems to be saying no trumpet playing here.

no horn blowing here_0001

Indian Overnight Trains – You want me to do what now?


 The list is endless and never fails to amuse me. 

mexico and us trip oct nov 2007 150

 If you have any of your own lost in translation stories or pictures, I would love to hear them.




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