More often that not, the small stuff is the best!

Sometimes in travelling – it’s the small things you miss the most or that give you the most joy whilst away.

It’s a feeling in the air, a change in temperature, a smell that transports you back to a happy moment.

The pancakes in Changmai are the best pancakes I have ever eaten and well it’s embarrassing to say but one of my fondest memories of Chang Mai are those darn pancakes.  Dont get me wrong the people, the hill tribe visits, the elephant trek through the jungle – all fabulous, amazing experiences but those pancakes – seriously – heaven on earth!

 I sit at work all the time, dreaming I was anywhere but there. Planning and saving for that next trip, yet the other weekend my husband and I  stayed overnight in my hometown city and woke up and went to work on the Monday.  We “explored” the city, we walk to work in every day.  We ate in different places, we drank in new bars. 

We woke on the monday filled with life rather than the normal Monday morning dread we usually feel.  We sat with our overnight bags at a cafe on George Street, watching the people hurry by on their way to work, and for a moment in time we felt like we were on a holiday, we felt alive.

I spent my childhood growing up in Melbourne, and about once a year living in Brisbane the temperature changes, and those memories of living in Melbourne and my childhood wash over like a tidal wave.  With that breeze comes the good memories of that knowledge that summer was approaching, its lasts only a moment but fills me with so much happiness and joy.

Have you ever been travelling and  felt lost and alone, unsure of what to do next.  Felt at an all time low and so miserable, and someone looks at you and smiles – smiles with their eyes.  They appear to be looking into your very soul, and all of a sudden you don’t feel so lonely and misunderstood.  To that person, they may never give you another thought, as they continue about their day, yet to you they have just made you feel connected, understood and have  given you the strength to go on. 


This small moment in time for someone else becomes your moment in time!  The small moments in your life may turn out to be your biggest memories.











  1. Your stories brings back many happy travelling memories. Ahhh those were the days. When is your next trip? I can’t wait to hear more!

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