SPRING IS IN THE AIR (added 6.9.10)

What is it about Spring that is so refreshing and exhilarating, that people really do walk around with a “spring” in their step?  Is it that winter is finally over so your feet are no longer bogged down with the multitudes of socks and layers to keep warm, thus freeing you up to give the illusion of walking with springs underneath you?

Do we feel the need to spring clean to purge away the memories of coldness and despair of the winter months just gone? 

As I gaze into the still water and watch the sunset reflected below, I reflect on happy moments from my past.  Moments of sunshine of happiness of sunsets and laughter.

Springtime rejuvenates and revitalises us, it strengthens and gives new hope, new dreams to be born and new challenges to be accepted.

The warmer weather brings people out of their misery (don’t believe me; well its true, studies have been done on such things) and I, like the rest of my sun-loving friends in Queensland are tingling with excitement and joy at the warm conditions I am experiencing.

Spring days make you get out more, experience life more.  I talk of filling up my weekends with laughter and adventure, of fun times with friends and getting more out of my life and I believe it to be true.

Spring is in the air. Spring is in my step. Spring is in my soul.


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