My Perfect Utopia (added 26.04.10)

Picture a world with endless sunsets, a world illuminated by an orange glow that intensifies colours and has the ability to make everything brighter.

 Imagine crystal clear blue water with tiny perfectly formed waves rolling in for days on end. Cloudless skies with a breeze so gentle it lightly caresses your body.

 What I would give to enjoy just one full day like this.  A day that appears endless, where time stands still and responsibilities fade away.  A day of perfection, a day of utopian bliss.

A day where the water feels like silk that the moment you dive in it calms, soothes and nurtures you back to life.  The clear water against your sun-kissed skin, gives you a pleasure like no other.  A pleasure you feel seeping all the way into your soul.

 A day where no one else matters but you, and how you feel at that exact moment.  A day where the beauty of the moment makes all your dreams appear possible and turns negative thought into dust.

With a day like this comes responsibilities; not to take it for granted, not to waste it, and to embrace it wholeheartedly.  Days like this don’t come around too often and I personally feel I owe it to Mother Nature and to myself to cherish these moments.  Life is giving us a gift, giving me my perfect world for one whole day. 

By this I mean, it is so easy to become complacent in our lives, to complain the weather has turned bad on our one day off work, your outdoor activity was ruined due to rain, or you didn’t enjoy your day at the beach as the wind was too strong.  Yet do we really respect and make the most of those beautiful, perfect days when they are presented to us?

When you wake up and the day is gloomy and you have resigned yourself to a day indoors, and you step outside and your perfect day has arrived, what do you do?  Do you act with spontaneity?  Do you take responsibility for your destiny and live out your dreams and change the course of your day and visit Utopia?

Do we take responsibility for our own happiness and grab the chance for a whole day of true heart-felt pleasure every opportunity we get?  Or do we simply let those days pass up by, thinking to ourselves “It’s ok there will be another day just like this!”

One day of perfection of beauty and bliss. 

One day in a perfect Utopia is worth a million average moments in your life.


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