INNER REFLECTIONS (added 03.01.10)

When I reflect upon my life, I am filled with happiness and joy. Life has been kind to me. Don’t get me wrong, I have had more than my share of misery and pain, however the years have taught me that these things only serve to make you stronger.

If I was to gaze into a pool of water that reflected my life, I would see a kaleidoscope of beautiful images flashing before my eyes. Sunshine, outdoor activities, friendship and laughter, and a million mini adventures that are ridiculous and insane.

Why does life become more hectic and fast paced the older you get though?  I miss the days when I was in my early 20’s, when I would take off to the beach; where the days seemed endless, responsibilities seemed non-existent and adventure constantly surrounded me.

When dd life get so busy and rushed?  If I could have pinpointed the exact moment, would I have been able to stop it, or slow it down a little? 

Why is it so hard to find the time to sit and just BE.  I yearn for the days, when a friend would ring in the morning, and say let’s go away for a few days.  Before I had hung up the phone, my bags would be packed, and I would be ready to go.  Disappearing for days, camping and surfing.  Nowadays it takes days to organise a coffee date with a frien, weeks to organise a catch up more than 3 friends and a year to organise a party.

When I reflect on all my happiest moments they have been when I have felt free, felt energised, and truly felt alive as a result of doing lots, of being the best person I can be.

By reflecting on your life, it helps to put things back into perspective, it reminds you of what you are missing in your life, and helps you to reach out with both hands to grab that piece of happiness you remember from your past, or to remember the bad times and the mistakes made to ensure history does not repeat itself a second time over.

The beauty of inner reflections, are that they are yours, they are raw and exposed and they don’t need to be shared with anyone if you don’t wish. You are your own judge of how your life is playing out and you are the only one who should care about how you live it.



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