HECTIC WATERS – CALM MIND (added 13.01.10)

The Sequel to Calm Waters- Hectic Mind

Anyone who has followed my blog will understand my need for travel, my wish for adventure and my constant search for new destinations, exotic locations and the never-ending need for escape.

I try to live my life being the best person I can be, caring for my friends and family, helping people in need, and constantly trying to better myself.

I spend my life, doing one thing a week that scares me: to make me stronger, to keep me sane, and make sure I am always progressing,  and never getting stagnant.

I admit that one of my biggest concerns in life is that one day I will be unable to get away.  It makes me feel a little trapped, ok to be completely honest It makes me feel completely trapped!

It is easy as a person to make promises to yourself, knowing that if you don’t utter them out aloud, you are only letting yourself down if you don’t follow through.  In my mind, letting myself down is as bad as letting your loved ones down (something that haunts me relentlessly if I feel I have done just that).

Putting my thoughts, my promises on paper/the internet, makes me accountable and makes me take stock of what I promised to do and who I promised to be.

Reading over ‘Calm Waters- Hectic Mind’, I am ashamed to say, reminds me that only one week ago, I broke all my promises to myself, I got caught up in work, in the office politics that I despise with a passion.  I stressed (well thought about stressing at least) that I hadn’t done the house work – (got to tell you, I am not beating myself up too much over that one – and certainly wouldn’t have passed up a day at the beach to vacuum my house). 

However, the person I promised myself I would be, I seem to have quickly forgotten and I have become caught up again in the daily grind that I like to call living a normal life.  To be honest,  when I actually sit still long enough to reflect, my life really is pretty fabulous, exactly the way it is at this moment.

Maybe the whole point is to enjoy those travelling moments, and continuously reflect upon them. Embrace who you are and how you feel when you are experiencing it, but realise this is just one side of you, once you realise this, and learn to love and embrace the other non travelling you, life becomes easier.  You have clarity, and you have peace, and you can get on with living your life.

The hectic waters may be lapping against you, the sharks may be circling around you, and everyone wants a piece of you but you have managed to calm your mind, as you know this is your real life.  This is where you want to be and you relish the thought of knowing that on your next trip all of these feelings will simply disappear for a brief moment in time.

Reflect on those times, on that person you were.  But don’t let it ruin the person you are now.

You know you just went on an amazing holiday yet here you are, back to reality wondering was it all just a dream.



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