FIJI TIME (added 13.10.10)

Fiji Time

 An expression you hear at least three times a day whilst in Fiji.  Sometimes in jest, at times in admiration, but most of the time from foreigners in frustration.  As I have mentioned before, when did life get so busy and humans get so demanding that we insist on instant service with everything in our lives. 

Why can’t we all live a little more in ‘Fiji Time’?

The Fijian’s are beautiful people, calm and serene, they smile with their eyes and the smile comes deep from their souls.  To me they appear peaceful and content.  It saddens me that the polite words from many of the wait staff ushered to me in the resort felt rehearsed and not from the heart.  This is in no way a reflection on the politeness and sincerity of the people, but more a sad look at ourselves, and again I ask you are we that impatient that they are forced to apologise to us when we have to wait a whole two minutes for a cup of tea.  Do they, as I do, find speaking those words out aloud so ridiculous how can you sound anything but insincere when speaking them.

Just five minutes in Fiji gazing into water and you will want to bottle up this ‘Fiji Time’ and open up that feeling whenever you feel you need to, whenever you feel rushed and whenever you need to recapture that feeling of total relaxation and contentment.


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