EASTER MINI BEAK (added 3.4.10)

It’s the Easter break.  I am sitting on a balcony at Caloundra overlooking the water. Last night I fell asleep to the sounds of the water lapping beneath my balcony, and awoke this morning to the sun turning the water into a silver pond of majestic beauty. 

Work has been hectic and long, and the knowledge that I was going to be spending a few days at the beach at the end of it all, was all I needed to push through.

The beach for me is where most of my life problems are solved, thoughts become clearer and I feel happiness like no other.

Today we walked for 2 hours along the coastline, feeling the sun kiss my body and the wind in my hair fills me with insurmountable joy.

People spend a lot of money on things to make them happy, toys, books, clothes, therapy.  Drive me to the beach, plonk me in the water and my life is complete. I want for nothing else and no amount of money spent on anything can rival the feeling that the beach gives me.

This day has seemed endless, in a time when I feel like my life is rushing past me, and I struggle to keep up, it is 2:30pm and we are contemplating just how early is too early to have a gin and tonic when you are on holidays.  My biggest stress right now, is do I have a swim; write some more, have a sauna or an afternoon nap.  I feel like we achieved so much and so little in one day, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

My iPod always knows my moods, and picks the songs accordingly and today has been no exception – trusty iPod has been steadily cranking out the hits all afternoon.  It is now 4pm and we have just pored a gin and tonic – it has not taken me an hour and a half to write this much.  I have had a sleep, had a spa, and written some of my book and read some of someone else’s book.  I have achieved almost everything I set out to today which was to relax and to feel alive again. To feel whole, and rejuvenated.

It’s an amazing feeling to feel so alive and connected without really even doing a lot.  Earlier on I made a restaurant booking for dinner tonight, the man asked if it was for a special occasion, I said no just that I am on a mini break holiday and couldn’t be happier – that’s special enough for me.  He smiled (well at least I think he did- it was over the phone, but there is beauty in that – knowing when someone is smiling, by just hearing it in their voice) He thanked me and said that’s a lovely thing to celebrate, I asked him why he thanked me, and he said “sometimes its nice to be reminded to celebrate your every day life”.

 This made me smile – and made me realise that there really is so much to celebrate and be thankful for each and every day of my life.

I am smiling for the pleasure of the simple things in life, for the pure happiness that comes from listening to your body and respecting it by relaxing.  I am smiling that I am lucky enough to be on a mini break and I am smiling that I am smiling – smiling with my eyes, smiling with my mouth, and smiling with my body that is rested, tanned, stretched and alive again.

I will reflect on this time, a time where nothing really happened, but everything seemed to change.  My mood, my health and my body nurtured back to life, after a hazy last few months – I have come out victorious.


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