P1050286There is an Island in the Greek Islands.  You step out of your hotel and into another world, a world where the sky is reflected in the still waters below, a world where you feel as though if you whisper your questions into the sky, the answers will magically appear in the water below.


With each flicker of the candle illuminated around the village, my resolve becomes stronger and my thoughts become more lucid.  Life, why is it so much clearer, the further you are away from home.  You want more, you desire change – you promise yourself that you will be the fabulous calm person you are at this exact moment.


 You return home and for those first few weeks you are that person.  You worry less, you DO more.  You live your life to the fullest – you don’t worry about the small stuff.  Then your work starts piling up, those seemingly insignificant things appear bigger, more intense, more frustrating.  You don’t go to the beach on the weekend as your housework needs doing.  You have an early night, because you have work the next day.



 You have a vague recollection of a person you know, a person you were for that month you were travelling.  You miss that person and you know that person is there, deep inside of you, but with every piece of paper you file, every phone you answer, every dish you wash, that person is disappearing and the old you resurfaces. 




 You search the waters, looking for the reflection – that mirror image of the person you were on that day – hoping for a reflection of your travelling self.  The waters are calm yet your mind is not.






  To calm your troubled mind you immediately start to think about far away places, anywhere but your hometown the place where chores exist, life is fast and responsibility is a must.  You take on extra jobs and save all your pennies.  You know with absolute clarity that all your problems will disappear once you have that trip booked and can spend all your energy planning for that next holiday.









Noosa River


 Why do we feel we need to travel to exotic destinations in order to fulfill these needs.  Don’t get me wrong I will always have this urge this need to explore foreign countries, to throw myself in the deep end and immerse myself in a culture I know nothing about. I need to learn new things, and appreciate others customs.




Yet I live in Australia;  a country as vast as it is beautiful.  The world is my wonderland. This beautiful country has the serene  rivers to calm my hectic mind.  The mountains to climb and the oceans to cleanse my soul. 

I live in a place many people can only dream of visiting, I am living that dream and sometimes I am too caught up in my own wallowing that I fail to realise what I have.


  Travelling sometimes is about escape – look around your own city, and look at it with a travellers eye – visit the tourist parks, drink at the backpackers bars, discover, explore, enjoy!  Go on those drives to the country, kyaking up the river, a  weekend away to the beach.  You will be amazed at what a difference it makes to your life when you really start living it and living it to the fullest.  Make the most of now!  Make your own adventures and calm that hectic mind.

 Noosa River




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