A SNAPSHOT OF TIME (added 01.03.10)

I was looking at a series of photos stuck up on my desk the other day, and realised that all but two are significant events or places.  The others, while I couldn’t remember the day or date they were taken, I remember the moment vividly. 

A beautiful sunset, enjoyed from my front veranda.  A drink with my mum when my brother was out from overseas. That perfect cloudless day at the beach.  That photo taken with your family or a group of friends, that you gaze at longingly trying to remember the last time you were all together.

A small and seemingly insignificant moment at the time, a moment so brief and fleeting, that at the time I didn’t realise what an impact the moment would have, and how those small moments would later become such a big part of me.

Does anyone else but me feel that the camera is such a powerful tool.  Of all the things you see through your eye, you look through the lens of a camera and you narrow down that search field greatly, leaving just one image remaining – your chosen image. 

The image that touches you the most out of everything that you can see before you.  That image will be the representation of that moment.  The picture to gaze at for years to come and remind you of happy times.

I have a theory about photos; photo’s make up a huge part of my life, and I treasure them more than any other possession I have.  Yet I fear that photos make your memory weak and allow your mind to become lazy. 

Every place I have ever visited and almost been in tears, when I had didn’t have my camera with me, the memories of those places, un-captured through my photographers eye are the most vivid and vibrant in my mind.  These places remain etched in my memory as I don’t have the visual prompts to remind me.

I am a grateful person, my life is a large album filled with numerous snapshots; moments of time, joyous moments that have enriched my life and filled it with a wide spectrum of colour and beauty.  Rich reflections seen through my eyes, captured through my camera’s lens or stored in my memory to be retrieved when required.


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