It’s a question every girl faces in the morning.  Which underwear do I wear today? You see lads, for those of you out there unsure what I am talking about, there is different underwear for different outfits, and choosing the wrong ones can have monumental consequences that remain and continue to haunt you throughout the whole day. 

What you may not know fellas, is just how many determining factors go into this decision.  There’s your colour, your style, whether there are “lines” showing – now there is a look you see far too often and conjures up far too many unpleasant images in my mind.

Why is it that mums always say – make sure you have nice, clean underwear on you never know if you may end up in hospital – honestly mum if I am in hospital I wouldn’t care if I were naked or wearing a clowns costume, I am pretty confident my mind would be anywhere but which undies I am wearing.

What my mum should have focussed on is reminding me that when wearing short skirts to work, is to make sure I am wearing appropriate sensible undies incase the wind blows and I flash to my boss and his colleague. Now there is a skill they should be teaching in schools to prepare you for the real world.  Honestly who needs algebra (take the alge bit out and focus on the bra and undies bit of the equation).

Travelling undies however is a whole different game unto itself.  You don’t take your good undies overseas with you, and I always find it fascinating that even your bad (last resort) undies go to a whole new level of degradation once they have been washed overseas..  Except in India where whites become whiter and colours become even more luminous after a wash, a concept that if you have seen the washing system over there will be a constant source of amazement to you as it was and still is to me.

Sensible undies have got me out of many a jam, like flashing to my boss as mentioned previously, swimming at the beach when I didn’t have any togs, or when the zip at the back of your skirt rips and you are grateful that all of your g-strings were in the wash and sensible undies were all you had left.

If I can leave you with one lesson to get you through you life is to make sure you always wear appropriate undies incase the wind blows and you find yourself flashing your undies to the world.


  1. I only give thought to what underwear colour and design when choosing one to wear on my head for the day……thankfully I haven’t wore one out yet but I sure have thought about it.

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