SHADES OF GREY (added 20.03.10)

For some people the world is black and white.  You either do something or you don’t, something is or isn’t, you feel and act a certain way because you are supposed to.

Me; I live in that in-between world, a world where black  is too intense, to regimented and stifling, and white seems to pure and boring; where shades of grey surround me, and can either provide me with comfort and or manage to tear me apart.

You see, I am not that person who follows the rules, who does what is expected and wishes to conform to societies pressures and requirements.  Even at times, when I know that living in a world of grey can cause you unnecessary stress and heartache, I cant’ help myself !  I need to follow my heart, chase my dreams and continue following  my own path.

How do you control your desires, even when you know what you want is wrong or falls easily into a grey area, and doesn’t fit into the  black or white mould you know that it should?

People are so quick to judge, to ridicule and belittle, to tell you that you are wrong, or that you are stupid and foolish.  Why is it so easy to sometimes get confused by other peoples ideals and lose track of what it is that you really want for you.

Life isn’t straight forward, people and situations change, with so many variables surrounding us, how can we possibly expect for things to fit neatly into a package and for our emotions not to exist and keep appearing in various shades of grey.

Everyone is different, people’s lives are varied and unique, what may be right for me, will definitely be wrong for you, and visa versa.

At the end of the day, you can only follow your feelings, do what makes you happy.  Spend time with people who make you smile and make you feel good.  Laugh frequently,and play often.

Find the colour that suits you best.


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