SENSIBLE BIKINI’S (added 13.01.10)

There is a lot to be said for a sensible bikini.  One that doesn’t move around too much when you are surfing, wakeboarding or as fate or luck would have it, learning breakdancing moves from a random stranger you just met on the beach.

When faced with the question yesterday, of how many pairs of shoes did I have?  It of course lead me on a whole new tangent to explain that rather than shoes or bags , my thing oddly is bikini’s.

Bikini’s to me, represent freedom, adventure and fun.    Bikini’s are the first thing I pack, and sadly  as has happened in the past sometimes the only thing I pack when I get so excited to go away, when my tummy has butterflies, my heart is pounding, my head is spinning and my mind can only think about packing my wallet and a bikini.

Every lover of the great outdoors, knows that owning a different bikini for different occasions is a necessity. Or is this just a strange obsession of mine?

Any girl could attest to how complicated and time-consuming the process of choosing the right bikini is, and any guy who values his relationship will ALWAYS answer; “No honey, your ass does not look fat in that!”

I tan very easily, and wear a bikini so often that even when not wearing a bikini it looks as though I am wearing a white one.  (Too much info  – sorry about that!)

As mentioned before I own several different items of swimwear.  There is nothing more devastating that jumping into the water with your favourite bikini on, only to have to hold your breath underwater for ages as you realise your togs have stretched and moved around so much you might be in trouble for indecent exposure if you surfaced at that moment.  Or in my case ships are likely to start heading towards the bright white lights.

I will boldly say a girl like me, NEEDS a different bikini for every occasion. 

The sensible bikini is a rare find – It is the one that refuses to move around and covers what needs to be covered on all occasions, whilst still giving you the chance to look sexy and strut in your hot swimmers. 

Girls if you find the sensible bikini stock up.  Finding them is an art, making them last over several years is impossible.

The pleasure you get from owning a pair ~ PRICELESS~



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