PAST LIVES (added 28.04.10)

Do you ever find yourself in a situation and suddenly realise everything you have ever done in your life, has seemingly lead you to that exact moment.

 It is so hard writing a job application, trying to think of all the things you have done, can do, and will do to make you the perfect candidate for that job. 

We do so many little things in our every day lives, but when asked to remember them all, we underestimate ourselves and sell ourselves short and cant seem to think of more than a few things that we actually do.  Sometimes it comes down to thinking outside the square and recognising all the many little things you do in life that makes you  the person you are today.

 Every now and then I find myself caught in a moment of clarity and awareness, where all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and my life seems so certain and clear.  I realise that all the paths I have ever walked down, the decisions made, and the choices followed have steadily lead me to where I stand now. 

 I am currently working in a job that has encapsulated all my past lives, little fragments of the old me, all fitting together perfectly to form the perfect me for this job.  Every bit of knowledge learnt, every contact ever made, and every bit of useless information stored away in your mind, has been stored for a reason, and to recognise this, and be able to use it is exhilarating.

 My late nights working at a television station with nothing interesting to watch showed me another use for golf clubs and coffee cups, the intricate mazes we made around the floor and the many nights of putting into our coffee cups has turned me into the excellent putter that I am today.

 My life at the Television station also gave me a deeper understanding for the life of Trekkies and if I can give you one bit of advice in your life, it is to NEVER under any circumstances fast forward an episode of star-trek whilst it is going to air.

 My passion for wanting to make a difference in the workplace stemmed from the A-hole I worked with who amongst other things made me lift a box 2 kilos short of my body weight, and thus my involvement in work place health and safely was born and my bulging disc in my back was a constant reminder of what not to do in the workplace.

 Have you ever been involved in a dance off and realised that the moves you are cranking out were taught to you by 15 year old American girls at an American summer camp?  Or is that just me?

 Life really is all about choices, making the right ones, or being brave enough to move on when you made a horrible one.  Recognising that not all girls think the same way I do, and when you sit next to someone’s boyfriend in the workplace to chat to him and all the girls end up hating you as a result, you either shy away or make that the best conversation of your life, and go home to wonder why people are so ridiculous.

 My experiences and life lessons have certainly taught me to believe in myself and be true to myself, and to realise that one day you will be in a situation where every thing has meaning and purpose, every stupid thing I have done has made me stronger and more resilient, every girl who has hated me has made me like myself more and feel proud that I don’t carry on like that.  Every bad job I have had, has made me strive even harder for that perfect job I know I deserve.

 Every past life is shaping the way for my present and future perfect life. 



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