INTENT (added 11.02.10)

How can you know where it is you are going, if you don’t have any steps to get there?  How can you plan to move forward without an actual plan? 

 Do you know what it is you really want out of your life?  Have you ever allowed yourself the luxury of trying to find out?  Have you ever been honest enough with yourself to answer these questions with no inhibitions and no fear of discovering the real answers?

 Everyone wants to be happy, but have you ever sat down and worked out exactly what it is that makes you happy.  What motivates you? Who are you?  What do you want to be or who do you want to become?

Why are we so afraid to search our souls and uncover what it is that WE want not what our partners, bosses, friends or families want or think we should be? 

 How can you find yourself frustrated in a situation that it is not panning out the way you had hoped or expected when you are not sure what it is exactly that you even truly want?

 So often people go on a holiday and come back disappointed in the people, the culture or their surroundings.  Did they actually research the place they were visiting, stop to think about where it is they were going, what did they actually intend to get out that trip?

 How can you go overseas and get frustrated with the people when you are in their country, what did you think would happen?  Did you expect that people should succumb to your way of your life and fit in with your beliefs and values?

 How can you get annoyed at bartering in the Thai markets, having no personal space in India, or get sick of being followed in Indonesia to ensure you buy a crappy souvenir? 

 These are their ways.

 This is their life.

 If you don’t intend on adapting don’t go!

 It constantly amazes me how people can frustrated when they are in a foreign country and no one speaks English. What do they expect?  If we were all the same, the world would be a boring place.

 How can you hope that someone knows how you feel about them, or that your boss knows you want that promotion if you don’t actually express your intent to them?  So much of life is misunderstanding and miscommunication, with people not expressing their desires and intent.

 People’s fear of being honest gets in the way, stopping them from expressing and sharing their true emotions and intentions.  Why are we so afraid of being completely honest with people?  Why does fear stop us from progressing in so many ways?  Fear of change, fear of rejection, fear of ruining a friendship or that someone will misunderstand your intentions.

 Is it possible that the fear is deeper than that – our fears are of being true to ourselves of looking so deeply within and actually finding out what you really want, that all of a sudden you are faced with options that only you can change.

 Unless you first recognise and acknowledge your true intent how can you expect to start living out your dreams and moving closer towards your goals. 

 It is easy to move through your life pleasing others doing what is expected of you, at work, in your relationship but what is it that you actually want and need? 

 Only you can answer these questions. 

 Search your soul, feel your heart beat, listen to your head and remain true to yourself.


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