DANCING IN THE RAIN (added 28.12.09)

Why is it that things that are out of our control,  like the weather have such a huge impact over our state of mind?

The rain can energise me at  certain times and moments in my life, yet can plunge me into a deep sadness at others when it refuses to stop raining for days on end. 

I love the water and if I could be anything but me, I would be a mermaid.  I love watching the earth  rejuvenate before my eyes after the rain has nurtured it back to life.  Everything is green, sharp and in focus and suddenly there is clarity. 

I love feeling light rain drops on my skin and feeling the energy surge through me.  Sadly for me, rain turns my hair into a frizzy afro mess.  It’s a built-in radar system that can predict the rain several hours before it arrives. (I am happy for readers to write in for an accurate forecast if you are planning an outdoor event!).  Honestly, my system is foolproof! Yet, again I digress, and as much as my hideous hair is a strong talking point, that is not my main point right now.

When I was in high school, every day at 3pm, the bell would chime for us to leave and the heavens would open up and the rains would pour down and all the girls would go feral. We would run around in the rain as though we had never seen it before, it would literally send us crazy in that hyper way that kids love and adults shudder at the thought of.   That madness I fear has never quite left me as the same can be said for me watching a storm building up through the windows at work, I get a bit excited and crazy.

The years I spent in London with each downpour (of which there were many) a little piece of me died inside, I could feel misery wrapping their cold arms around me and I yearned for the sunshine of my hometown Brisbane. I felt lethargic, and bored, and my sense of  adventure was disappearing rapidly. 

Living in Queensland in the drought, reminds me of the beauty of rain, the healing powers it gives us and how fabulous it feels to dance in the rain and catch the drops on your tongue.


  1. Hey there Lou, i danced in the rain on the beach, laid in it with my best friend and danced up the street. she had bronchitis at the time – but I am sure it made her feel better to run in it. Apart from relating to the beauty and wonder that is nature – I also have a fro.

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