There are a few moments in your life where all the pieces of the puzzle just fit together.  You have nothing to complain about, and you feel happy and content. 

These moments should be treasured and put into a safe to be retrieved later on in life.  It’s easy to notice the joyous times and rehash on the bad, but those feelings of contentment are harder to grasp.  They creep up on you when you finally sit still long enough to notice that everything is actually ok.

When things start to go wrong, you reflect on that time that you didn’t appreciate when you were living it and you desperately want it back.   You try everything to get it back, yet you are unsure of exactly what it is you are searching for.

People, myself included seem to get flustered if they have nothing exciting to report to their friends, this is the clue that your life is perfect the way it is at this very moment.

That is the exact sign to look out for, embrace those moments,for it is contentment at its best and it is wonderful!



  1. Hear, hear! Thank you Lou. It’s exactly right…and beautiful!

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