CLUMSY CLOWN (added 03.05.10)

I am a clumsy clown, that is who I am.  I trip over when there is nothing to even trip on, I do stupid things, I make ridiculous comments always.  My name is Louisa and I am a clumsy clown.

This is my cross to bear. 

I always thought that I would grow out of my clumsiness, like one of those dogs whose feet appear too large for their body, and they have to grow into them and I wondered if the same would be true for me. But alas, my feet like the rest of me are tiny, yet they have this amazing ability to constantly trip over and stumble over absolutely nothing whilst having the most superb co-ordination at other times in my life.

It’s as confusing as wondering how all of those clowns manage to keep piling out those tiny little cars!

My biggest bit of advise to you all is learn who you are early on in life, and don’t be in denial about yourself once you have worked this out.

Regular readers of my blog will know that travelling is my addiction, and it is definitely fair to say, it is something I partake in as frequently as possible.  Suffice to say, I should have learnt my lesson early on that large backpacks on little people are never a great idea.  I have turtled myself  in several airports around the world, fallen face first in a crowded New York Street and was unable to get up due to the weight of my backpack, and unable to obtain the help I needed thanks to the 3 friends standing there laughing at me.

I am the clumsy clown who on her first snow skiing attempt skii’s right out of her own skiing class into her boyfriends class, wipes out his instructor and proceeds to slide backwards down the mountain all whilst mounting the instructor by lying and staying on top of him the entire way down.

I am the girl who agrees to see a “special trick” in a bar in Vanuatu with a room full of sailors.  His flexibility of a certain body part to replicate a wrist watch” was indeed quite special.

I am that clown who damaged the ligament in my thumb trapeezing in the Byron Bay circus school, and again pulling off an awesome dance move during yet another dance off in my life.

Who tripped up the stairs of the Vatican and yelling a stream of profanities before remembering where I was.

Rides a horse for the first time in a foreign country and doesn’t think to enquire how to make it stop.

I am the clumsy clown who if I wrote all of my stories about the many stupid things I had done, would find myself writing for weeks on end, and filling up too many pages.

 I am the clumsy clown with a lesson, if you can’t do silly things and laugh at yourself then life is not worth living.


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