Night time in Brisbane



View from Mt Cootha

Arriving in a city at night is a unique experience,  and can fill you with excitement or dread. 

Bus stops are always inconveniently located in the seediest parts of town and if you are a backpacker you find yourself walking through a labyrinth of dingy side streets in order to get to your hostel.


View from Mt Cootha

Have you ever walked around your own city, a city you know intimately and imagined how you would feel if you were arriving in this town for the first time? 









View from Kangaroo Point

Brisbane mid-week is like a ghost town at night; as the clock chimes 5 and the office workers scramble in each direction for the quickest route away their building. 

In the blink of an eye, the bustling streets stand still. 

The travellers emerge, only to find deserted streets; a city to claim as their own. 


Standing at Kangaroo Point looking back towards the city

 Brisbane may be quiet and slower moving than other cities, but this is my town and I think it is beautiful.


  1. Love the photos Lou – they are great and I can relate to the comments alongside them. Love your work.

  2. When I came home from Fiji I felt so lost. I missed the freedom of driving around in a truck without seatbelts and buying cold coconuts with straws in them for 50c. So I set off the next day after landing back in Brisbane and explored every nook and cranny I could – antique shops, espresso bars, and parks – I fell in love with home – thanks for reminding me!

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