BLOGGED DOWN (added 05.04.10)

It’s hard to be a writer sometimes, always trying to think of your next story, waiting for inspiration or moments to present themselves to you. 

Lately I find myself constantly coming up with ridiculous blog titles or doing enough silly things resulting in a friend at work  constantly suggesting titles which reflect my stupidity.  I ask myself frequently; do these titles become my life or  (as I have mentioned on numerous occasions) is my life just one ridiculous long blog story.

I become disappointed when I realise a few weeks have lapsed and I haven’t gone on one of my beloved mini adventures I love so much.  It occurred to me on the bus home from work the other night that my life really is composed of  tiny fragments of  adventure and disarray, small chapters of mayhem to create the ludicrous story that has subsequently become my life.

Those who know me well, come to expect stories from me, tales of adventure of foolish antics and crazy stories.  Those who don’t know me well struggle to understand the sincerity behind my anecdotes.

Someone like me should never stress about not going on adventures, most days I step out of my house, adventure finds me, something happens giving me a story to share, and a blog story to write. To reiterate this point, last week I was working at a summit, why is it that with over 300 people around me I am the only one called a scum bag and a something starting with F and ending in Ucker.  When I told the policeman nearby he wanted to know if I wanted the man kicked out, and when I said no, he couldn’t understand that I was not more upset, I tried to explain to him, oh its ok, this stuff happens to me all the time.  Don’t misinterpret this to mean and that I am indeed a scumbag, I would like to instead think that the entire universe is purely all working towards giving me new and interesting stories to put on my blog, and for that I say thankyou!

So my friends, I guess what I am trying to say is this; when you are lacking motivation, inspiration or creativity, don’t despair, when you really do want for something the universe really does do everything in its power to help you achieve whatever it is you want.  While the situations may present themselves in less than desirable ways, life really is all about how you choose to look at it, and what you do with what you are given.

Don’t get bogged down with perception, change your own perceptions, embrace challenges and always strive to find the best in every situation.  You might surprise yourself!

  1. Well said. Life really is about the small hiccups and wins in each and every day punctuated by the big perhaps sometimes too planned and anticipated moments.

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