BIGGING IT UP IN NEW YORK (added 20.06.10)

Everything about New York is BIG.  Big buildings, big people, big meals and big personalities.  It would be very easy for a person to feel small.

New York is the city where so many people come to live out their dreams.  As I wander around this huge city with infinite possibilities and unimaginable outcomes, I wonder how many of these dreams are realised and actually come to fruition. 

I scan the crowds, intently looking at the faces I see, searching their eyes, trying to sneak a glimpse of their soul and listen to their heart, trying to get a clue, trying to ascertain if they have made it, are they happy, have their dreams been fulfilled?  Yet New Yorker’s are clever, they hide their emotions well, their eyes reveal nothing, their stories remain locked deep inside.

It is impossible not to be swept up into the fantasy of New York, I gaze out of the apartment where I am staying and currently writing, and I dream of being the writer I hope to be one day.  I practise a gym routine I am working on as I will be instructing when I return home and as I dance in front of the window overlooking the Hudson River, I lose focus on my routine as I think about all the dancers who come here to audition and must practise in front of windows such as I was doing this morning.

New York is alluring, it promises you big things – fame and fortune, it whispers to you in your sleep, filling your dreams with endless possibilities, each dream with a different fabulous outcome.

New York makes me want to be more, makes me want to do more.  New York makes you expand your dreams and makes you leave being a bigger and better person than you were before you arrived.


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