TURKISH DELIGHT (added 30.01.10)

 Hi Everyone,
So let me start by saying bringing my laptop away with me was perhaps the most genius thing I have done this year, as I type we are sitting in our cave hotel in cappadocia waiting to check in.  We have just arrived from Istanbul on a 12 hour overnight bus, these things always seem like such a great idea at the time. 
Oh, where to begin, perhaps with I should start with the fact that as some of you may know, I had a chest injury before I left home, unfortunately it has still been hurting although is starting to get better now.  This means that poor Ami has had to lug my baggage around the entire trip while I run along behind him like a little princess with my one tiny bag.  You can imagine my surprise when yesterday in Istanbul we were in a spice market and a man offered Ami two camels if he would divorce me.  Ami said no – man what an idiot!   Two camels, and he wouldnt have had to cart my bags around anymore.  I am still unsure if two camels is a good offer or an insult – how do you ever know how many camels you are worth?
Istanbul was AMAZING and we loved every second of it.  We have even learnt some Turkish words – ‘a cosy room’ means so fricken small that they offer to store your luggage downstairs as it actually wont fit in the room.  ‘Sea Views’ means if you hang out of your window and have a really long stick that you could try to move the trees out of the way you might just catch a glimpse of the water. 
We spent our few days in Istanbul walking around with everyone saying hola – you are spanish yes?  Seriously wherever I travel, people always think I am Spanish.  When they are all harassing us to come into their shop and try to find out where we are from and how much we want to spend – after watching big daddy in london before we left, Ami has come up with the ingenious plan to answer them with – “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood”? needless to say that shuts them up for a while – we then take the opportunity to smile and run –
We have been into some amazing mosques, eaten sensational food on roof top balconies listening to the daily muslim prayers ringing out over the city, walked down into the Basilica Cistern built in 532 and have eaten and drank our way around the beautiful city.  The people are so friendly and we wishwe could have longer to spend there.  The driving is well eratic to say the least – you know when you go to park your car and the space is too small and you think about trying to squeeze in there for about 2 seconds – decide its too hard and drive off and look for another spot – well that is driving in Istanbul – some may think they are bad drivers – i think they are brilliant – the spaces they fit through whilst mounting curbs, dodging the peanut selling man, beeping at pedestrians all whilst in reverse fanging it up a one way street – its amazing and if we hadnt had been to India it might be a bit scary. 
Our last night in Istanbul we walked two hours to find a restaurant that the lonely planet suggested for dinner.  We just followed the tram line so as not to get lost – and we were enjoying the walk so much, I dont think it actually occurred to us, to actually get on the tram.  We get to the place and there are no menus, we order a drink each and the man comes out with platters which we choose a few meals from – my red wine arrives, which is chilled ( an appropriate gesture on our honeymoon after the debacle with our wine at the wedding hehe) – the man then says would you like lamb, beef, chicken or fish – we order chicken and fish – still not really even thinking that it is strange that we still have not seen a menu and even know how the chicken or fish will be served  – to cut a long story short, the fish comes out as a whole fish and thats it and the chicken is a big chicken breast just plonked on a plate with a few chips and tomatoes on the side – it was average to say the least – the bill came to about $70, but the night was amazing the area was spectacular and we wouldnt have changed a thing – well apart from the price – and to have a nice meal – lol
we swore to learn from our mistakes, and go straight to a bar the next day and without looking at the menu order two drinks that come to $18 darn it – 
So as I said here we are in Cappadocia – the scene of some Star Wars movies – its amazing – it is now the next morning – i got too excited to check in to our cave hotel and its now the next morning – our room is amazing well its pretty much a cave – hence the name cave room – our door to our bathroom is so small i will be very surprised if ami is not concussed after our two nights here – lucky we have a jacuzzi in there to soothe his aching head – 
Today and tomorrow we are touring around this place it is just amazing filled with underground cities its so cool – tomorrow night we are getting another overnight bus to Kusudasi then heading somewhere we are not sure yet – will work it out on the bus – but basically we are making our way to the coast to then get the ferry to the Greek Islands.
Hope you are all well and happy – will email again soon
Lots of Love
Lou and Ami (coz lets face it – he will never send an email of his own)


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