IT’S ALL GREEK TO ME (added 15.01.10)

So we are in Greece and it has been one crazy experience with one crazy person after another (in a good way though) –


We stepped off the boat at Samos and straight into a travel agent to sort our ferry times to make sure we could get to Santorini by the 2nd of June to meet Peter.  (a little side note….. they say crazy attracts crazy – well as some of you would know i booked a hotel in Santorini from Australia I dropped the ‘it’s our honeymoon’ to see if they would upgrade me – to then email them back a month later and ask for another bed as someone else would be joining us, well to make it even weirder I read in the lonely planet that you can get a donkey up the mountain and thought it would be hilarious to meet Peter at the bottom of the mountain with a donkey that has a sign round its neck saying Peter .  So I emailed the hotel AGAIN to ask how can I book a donkey please……. – need i say more)

Anyho – back to our arrival into Greece – We walk into the travel agent and I say hi – can you please give me ferry times, he starts to answer me then stops, turns to Ami and says “Oh my Gd you have the most amazing body” – then back to me – and says I am sorry but Jsus Chrst that body is fantastic – the guy was absolutely hilarious and had us in stitches – he gave us all our options – we went to sit on the beach and think about it then came back to him to book some tickets – 
We stayed there for 2 hours he left us to watch the shop while he ran away to buy us all king size icecreams – we chatted, we laughed, we cried from laughing so much, he commented on Ami’s body some more and well I am not sure if it was watching Ami expertly lick his icecream, the way his muscles rippled under his Tshirt or my witty banter and winning smile – or the fact that he  – quote/unquote – “loves us to death” – he invited to pick us up from our hotel at 7:50pm that night and drive us around the island – So Ami’s gym membership has definitely just paid for itself.
He and his friend drove us around the island and we had the most amazing night we went to a restaurant right on the waterfront – we had the place to ourselves and i got groped and proposed to by an old man passing by – (that’s a whole other story in itself) they drove us through little towns where we stopped every 2 seconds as the whole of Samos seems to know and love them, and we went to their friends hotel right up to the top of a hill overlooking Samos and Turkey.   They were the loveliest guys  and my life is so much richer for having met them.   We are so grateful for that night, and we will always remember it and think of them lovingly.

We stayed one night only in Samos then caught the biggest boat i have ever been on to Naxos.


We stayed at the ‘Pension Irene’ – Irene was a crazy lady who showed us our room, jumped on our bed and rolled around on it saying how tired she was then ran to the reception/her kitchen and dining room and bedroom at siesta time – gave us an icecream told us to explore, blew a horn in our faces and pushed us out the door – the place was great we swam in our pool and we had our own kitchen so we went to the supermarket and cooked our own breakfast, lunch and dinner – Naxos was lovely filled with the blue/white buildings and cobbled streets and we swam and walked in the sun and generally had a really happy amazing time.

For some reason in both Turkey and Greece it has been snowing for old people only – everywhere you look there are old folks with ski poles its the weirdest thing i tell ya! The Greek Islands are just fantastic – and we are loving every second of it.  Although it is now more expensive to go out for dinner the seafood is spectacular – so sorry to anyone who was thinking/hoping i was going to get pregnant on my honeymoon the seafood, cheeses and wines are too good to give up – SORRY!


– The wine prices have luckily dropped drastically since turkey (they really need a dan murphys there) and it is nice not to be smoking 5 cigarettes a day as we were in Turkey from all the 2nd hand smoke we must have inhaled.
We have learnt a few Greek words – well 2 actually and one of those we soon learnt was incorrect after Ami tried to thank a lady for dinner and instead said – ” I have a list”. 
Paros was stunning and we just managed to find some totally secluded swimming spots with water so clear that you could put a book at the bottom and read it – (well that would be silly as my book would get wet – but you get my point) – We are turning a dark shade of brown – and did you notice I said “We” yes our little white boy Ami – is very tanned as well – I am being the true chameleon that I am now look like a Greek local – you should see my hair – it is massive – and seems to be getting bigger every day –  

The Cats in Paros are crazy – actually everywhere in Greece – for some reason every restaurant we go to they sit behind me then push my chair or jump on my leg or even hiss at me – I feel like the crazy cat lady from the simpsons.
Our last night in paros and last night of honeymoon by our selves before my brother and the  previous mentioned donkey – we upgraded to a deluxe room with a beautiful shower with massage jets and a door so for the first time in greece (and most of Turkey) we didnt flood the bathroom


– as the sun set we sat on our balcony and ate sunflower seeds and drank a bottle of cheap wine then went out to dinner at a place that words cant describe (but I will try) it is a little square with cobbled streets and candles everywhere you can eat your dinner and watch the fishing boats come in to deliver the fish fresh of the boat – it really is magical and the area has so much character you fall in love with it the second you see it. 
They actually let us check in really early into our room (as they do in most places in Turkey and Greece if the room is ready – why not! – If only Australia was like that – and had the free wifi internet that is EVERYWHERE in these countries)
Breakfast was delivered to our room and was a delicious array of pastries and fresh juice – seriously – why didnt we get the deluxe place all the time – hehe 
Well so I started typing this email several days ago and got very sidetracked due to meeting up with Peter in Santorini – we were so excited to meet him – unfortunately the whole donkey thing fell through and as “santorini” is not the ideal point of reference to give him we booked a hotel on the internet  the night before- sent him the address and arranged for him to meet us there

–  an easier thing than you would think – we get a cab to the hotel which we thought was right next to Fira (the main town) – turns out it was exactly on the other side of the island the cab drops us at the top of a hill and we have to walk all the way to the bottom with our luggage – the hotel – ‘villa maria’  was like a ghost town with no signs of life or even a reception area for that matter we finally found a lady (the owner called Maria – do you see a theme developing here) – she spoke no English but still managed to look at us stupidly when we said so is this a hotel? and if so Is it still operating? and do we have a booking ?
Anyho – the view was amazing and it was all made even better by the fact that Peter actually found us we drank beers and watched the sunset and went into town for the best and cheapest meal –

The next day we moved to the other side of the mountain and straight into Paradise – we had a villa with an outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the ocean facing directly towards the sunset the first day was a freak windy day like you couldnt believe and then the rest of it was the stuff dreams are made of – hot weather the most amazing view – ami and my bro – we hired a jeep one day and drove around the island (obviously – as what else would we do with the car) – saw some not so amazing views such as the man with the G-string on – had the best day –
– at least we thought we did until the next day came around and rather than go on a boat cruise as we thought we might  we did ABSOLUTELY nothing but sit on our verandah and watched the world go by high fiving each other until that even became too much of chore to lift our hands as we were so relaxed and content.  We made a jug of sangria in a huge cooking pot, served it into our glasses with a soup ladle, listened to some rockin tunes and honestly if i had to describe or dream about my perfect day that would be it.

Santorini has been my dream destination for many years and it was everything that I hoped it would be and more.


We left Santorini with the heaviest of hearts and anyone watching us would think we are leaving to be imprisioned or something – but we soldiered on and got a 45 min flight to Athens – we were stayed at a designer hotel and while the sun was setting we drank beers at our rooftop bar whilst gazing at the Parthenon.  Tough life really!

The following day we walked around the Acropolis in the steaming heat and we loved loved loved it – we went out that night (before dark – as our hotel was in the area recommended to be avoided in the lonely planet – oops – probably should have read that first) – apart from the drug addicts and homeless looking people and ladies of the night on the street corners it really wasnt that bad – we had an awesome last meal together had several drinks and several stupid self timers were taken –

So here i am in London now – sad that I was in Athens in the heat this morning – and its cold here today – worried that we will loose our excellent tans – devastated that I said goodbye to by brother this morning – but happy that we just had the most incredible 22 days of travelling and yes even relaxing in Greece- excited that we are now back in the UK to spend time with friends and family – and tomorrow ami and i are going on a reminiscing tour of all our old london haunts and then a week of well who knows but it will be fun-
So kids that will probably be it for us – thanks for tuning in these last few weeks hope you are all well, happy and safe and we look forward to catching up with you all soon.
Lots of Love



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