Lou and Ami’s Mexican Travel Tips – Part 2

buenos dias amigos

well i am one cafe coloured chicita it has been hot hot hot and we are brown and loving it

so our second travel tip for you all is to never leave home without your travellers cheques – i dont know if it was the rush before leaving or feeling rundown and sick or that we are just a couple of stupidos but we will discuss this in detail later

so we left you in cancun – with our luggage yay for us – from there we made our way on a very cold but comfortable bus to merida a town in the yucatan peninsula with streets lined with colourful buildings, its amazing. as spectacular as this was there was this intangiable feeling though of something not quite right it could have been the sesspit of a hostel we stayed in or something else we were not quite sure, dont get me wrong the place was awesome and we did love it but sometimes you just dont connect to a place and this was one of those places.

the next day we went to chichen itza an amazing pyramid it was truly awesome and i cant really explain it well enough to do it justice without showing you the photos – we met some people who had just got out of villahmosa a town we were going to visit but changed our minds which is in the tabasco state and as you have heard is now declared a state of emergency and is still underwater – we counted our blessings we did not go there

from merida we caught an overnight bus to palenque, i had read that lots of banditos attack the night bus on this route and many many thefts occur so we made sure we were sensible and did not carry any money on us i held my day pack close to me all night and inbetween sleep i tried to work out if any banditos did come onto the bus if my spanish would allow me to say – take what you want but let me get my sd photo card out of my camera –

we arrived in palenque tired and feeling like crapola i had this crazy rash thing which is mostly gone now lets hope it is just heat rash i will check it out in the states but i digress – i have a rash we are tired, and both of our feet had swelled up who knows why – we try to call someone to get a bus out of there as we are tired and the town didnt look so good but the phone would not work – we try to email but the email is down – so we say stuff it lets go on a tour and just get to our next destination – but no the atms are also down – so with no money, phones or email we check into a hotel hoping we can pay later – we dump our bags and wander aimlessly around the town trying every bank, email and atm.

we then discover due to the flooding crisis as we are in the next town the phones have been down for 3 days already – so we go to the hotel sleep for a few hours, shower then go to get lunch we try to ask in our limited spanish if we can pay for it by credit card – sure they say no problem – we of course eat go to pay and they say cash only –

we try to tell them we have no money and well after about fifteen minutes we leave them ami´s sunglasses and tell them we will be back if the banks open – so around the streets we go again looking like street urchins – no money – we still dont even know how the heck to pay for our hotel – but we were loving the town – and i was very glad we got our backpacks back as i was thinking through what we could sell if we needed to – the streets were full of confused looking travellers no doubt in the same situation as us

we buy a banana for dinner and ami buys a tin of tuna and were rationing our one bottle of water as who knew when it would all come back up and wehn we could even leave the town with no money- and we figure lets try one more time to get money out and it worked the streets were crazy people were in every atm grabbing money it was hilarious –
we of course scoffed down our banana and went straight to the pub for a beer

so well that was palenque – the next monring we headed out early and went to the palenque ruins oh my gosh the most amazing thing i have seen in my life – ruins surrounded by lush jungle jaguars and howler monkeys all around i didnt see either of these and in fact have no idea what a howler monkey is but it sounds funny – we then went to some water falls which are called agua azul – the blue water- due to all the flooding and heavy rain the water was brown and the falls were so rapid and full it was ridiculous so we couldnt swim but they were still awesome my favourite bit being the sign that said dangerous not to swim here – lol – the lonely planet even says beware of this poorly translated sign –

we took a bus 200km to palenque that due to the narrow windy roads high up on a cliffside and speed bumps every 300m took us 6 fricken hours we arrived in san cristobal del la casa at 9pm and it was freezing people were wearing jumpers and beanies and ski jackets
it is a really religious place and we fell asleep under the cross of jesus – we awoke to this terrible screaming like a terradactol – not that i know what that sounds like hehe and i thought maybe we were in trouble for sharing a bed out of wedlock – turns out the hotel has parrots that they put right infront of our room early in the morning

this is where i am now with a pain in my belly that hopefully will not turn into anything else as we have a 12 hour overnight bus trip ahead of us – i have fallen in love iwth this place –
we went to a bar last night with live latino music and i cried at the beauty of it all – the freedom of travelling – the feeling that your soul really connects to a place- and today we have just walked the streets – and i am in love – its a crazy feeling and i am really sad to leave this place – bottles of tequilla are now 8 dollars and a 3litre bottle of biccardi is 18 dollars its madness if you ever decide to be an alcoholic san cristobal is the place to be

we have met some amazing people and watched austin powers speaking in spanish this morning while we were getting ready our spanish is improving – kind of – apart from when we sit on a tour bus and they fire rapid spanish at us and the whole group goes one way and we go the other way luckily we have had people who soeak english and tell us where to go what time to come back and where to meet

i hope you are all well and i will prob all email you all again from the states we head to oxaca tonight then mexico city then hopefully meet aaron and peter in la and all head to vegas

adios amigos
lots of mexican love to you all

  1. Wot a picture you paint here lou! And while the lows seem outright horrid, you make the highs seem dizzying 🙂

    I’ve never been overseas… I’m a bit of a stress head (as you know LOL) Im WAY too worried about flying all that way over endless water…. Not liking any of the food… Being abducted or attacked…. BUT, the way you write about really connecting with a place, igniting your heart and soul … I’m thinking maybe it’s worth the risk!!!!?? you have planted all sorts of seeds in my head …. perhaps with a few more blog entries, it may help them to grow…??? 🙂 peace out lovely lady!

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