Hola – Lou and Ami’s travel tips – part 1

hi guys this keyboard is strange and everything is in weird places so forgive me

so anyone who has ever travelled long distance knows the feeling of arriving at your destination completely fatigued, stinky and still in the same clothes you put on two days earlier yet you have now arrived a day ealier.

you get off the plane and head straight to yourr hotel, shower, brush your teeth, put on clean clothes and have a well deserved nap.}

well thats what we would have done had <<our airline not lost our bags a million hours earlier ‘ resulting in us arriving at la airport and being sent from person to person terminal to terminal being told a myriad of different exuses each person blaming the next, our personal favouriets being the airline rep telling us it is delta airs problem we had not even flown delta yet and the lady who holds the sign for the airline for all the people at the airport who cannot see the 50 other signs saying the name of the airline (i am not mentioning for fear of being sued)’ telling us she is too busy to help uys half way through helping us and just walking off.

dont get me wrong the arilne did have great service and personal tvs and lets face it they did actually land the plane which is alsways a bonus. <so we arrive in cancun and are met with an overwhelming heat its not like we could have been any festier than we already were, we find a lady who is actually willing to help us find our bags and we set off to find seom shops.

<ami does the sensible sthing and buys shirts and underwear, i get way to excited to be at the beach and buy an ill fitting bikini that doesnt quite cover as much of my backside as i would prefer and some flip flops.. <i reluctantly resign to sepnding my hard earned pesos on undies and toiletries and think about all the 1.20 coronas i could bebuying instead.

so our first night was spent washing out our undies in the shower then going to a bar to drown our sorrows in ridicuoulously cheap beer. <cancun is commercial, tourist shops entice you with a 10 percent discount and a shot of tequila when you enter, and the beaches have the most beautiful turquoise water i have ever seen,.

<we spent today walking around going to the beahc i dont know what is a worse look me standing there in a bikini top and jheans or the white ass i flashed to half the beach.

we regret not packing a change of clothes in our day pack and i regret drinking so much tequilla at my 21st that i cant stomach it anymore it is everywhere and so so cheap a huge bottle costs about 9 dollarxs aus.

after a day of exploring we head back to the hotel where we find our my pack had arrived but still not ami{s so here we are waiting for his which is why i am emailing you all alot ealier than i normally would but hey his just arrived a second ago ‘ hooray we head off early morning for chichen itza and merdia .

despite spending alot of time on email <<<<<<where the heck is the shift button sorry guys 0 and phones trying to find our luggage, despite me hurting my ankle before we left, and despite us wearing the same jeans for four days we are already having a ball, the pina colada{s are spectactular i just spent 2.50 for a sangria, the beer is a plenty the sun is shining and i cant stop smiling, it has been my dream for ages to mexico and now i am living that dream and i couldnt be happier

tke care all of you lots of love


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