ELEPHANT KARMA (added 19.12.09)

After waiting at the wrong terminal at Bangkok airport, for about 2 hours to pick up my brother we finally decided to ask someone where he might be, went to the correct terminal and actually picked him up (sorry family I tried really I did – but as you know he is safe and sound so forgive me we meant well).

All that aside, from Bangkok we caught the overnight train to Changmai – to get my fix of the best roadside pancakes in the world.  We did an elephant trek, which I admit I was in two minds about, as excited as I was to ride a large animal; I was a bit hesitant due to the cruelty to animals.  So, hate me if you will but yes I still did it. There were too many people and not enough elephants, so Peter, Ami and I had to all share one elephant this resulted in Peter having to sit on the elephant’s neck as we could not all fit in the chair.  This was hilarious for Ami and me but not so funny for Peter who was in pain and could barely walk for the next few days.

 We bought our elephant bananas to eat (yes the very least we could do for making him walk around with three people on his back)  and without peeling the bananas you just shove them up the elephants nose 1 in each nostril, we found this extremely entertaining, until he sneezed all over me. (I guess Karma works pretty quickly sometimes!) 


I wholeheartedly believe in signs and if the elephant sneezing on us was not enough of a sign to make me think that maybe he didn’t really us sitting on him, at the precise moment the photographer took our photo the elephant did a huge stinky crap. 


  1. LMFAO!!!! I totally envisaged you inserting two bananas into the efferlant’s nostrils. So, so funny, and made even funnier knowing how you must have cacked yourself at the experience. Awesome!

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