THE TRAVELLING LIFE (added 08.06.10)

As I woke at that ridiculous hour that is so dark, I wondered (as I always do at that hour) if in fact I had incorrectly set my alarm an hour early.

For a city I love so much, I seem to be leaving Brisbane very often.  My Brisbane understands this though, and gave me a beautiful send-off – a sky filled with orange and red clouds; my favourite type of sky.

Yes, Brisbane knows how to capture my heart and see to it that I always return!

The life of a traveller is a life of contradictions, the tearful farewells, the boredom and frustrations of a long journey coupled with lengthy waits at airports, the excitement of arriving  at your destination and the joyous feeling of being reunited with loved ones. 

My latest journey finds me in San Fransisco, and while I didn’t have the tearful goodbye, I am reunited with family.  We have left winter behind and are spending our days basking in the heat of the warm Californian sun.

My endless summer days are consisting of living out my idyllic holiday world, swimming, sightseeing, relaxing and reading in the sun, more sightseeing, exercising and yet more sightseeing and exploring.  There is something overwhelmingly satisfying to me at this point in my life to experience this type of holiday, where my bag gets to stay in one place for two whole weeks.

My normal holidays are made up of moving around, seeing as much of a large country in a short amount of time as possible, spending no more than two nights in any one place.  As exciting as that is, it is hard to form a strong bond and connection to a place when you are never there long enough to discover the cities true heart and soul, the intricacies that make it unique.

I am a traveller and I belive that part of my responsibility as a traveller should be taking the time to know, understand and appreciate the cities I visit.  This is my intention over the next few weeks.

San Francisco, my name is Louisa, and I look forward to getting to know you!


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