You know how little kids get all excited the night before Christmas. They can barely sleep and wake up ridiculously early to see what the day will be bring.

Well, my friends, last night that little kid was me.

Driving two hours through towns I have never seen filled me with a sense of adventure like no other and seeing the vastness and beauty of Sommerset Dam for the first time took my breath away.  This is my backyard to play in, my beautiful country to explore. I just want to do more of it.

I fell in love with wakeboarding years ago, and the knowledge that I was about to rekindle an old flame and reunite with my love set me into a slight state of frenzy.

I can’t believe for a sport I love so much that I had the horrible realisation today, that it has been over ten years since I last went wakeboarding.

Luckily it is just like riding a bike, ok well it is nothing at all like riding a bike, but you get the euphemism just the same.

The day was perfect it was what dreams are made of, well my dreams anyway (the more normal of my dreams that is).  Perfect weather, great friends, and I got some air – and landed it!

Wakeboarding gives me the same rush as surfing, the fresh air, the water, and the constant challenges you set yourself.  Being in direct competition with yourself  and exceeding your own expectations is a huge reward for me.

I love pushing my mind and my body to the limits, feeling exhausted, while still feeling alive and content.  There is something sickly satisfying about chilling at home after a day like this with a body that is bruised and battered, limbs that are sore and fatigue that covers you like a blanket.

The passion and love for what you have just done is worth the hurt, and each  time you feel your muscles screaming out in pain and tied up in knots, its reminds you of how amazing you felt whilst doing it.

Knowing I am fulfilling my quota of mini adventures, making the most of my weekends makes me feel alive, and keeps travelling urges at bay.

  1. Hey Lou, I totally agree with this! I so want to go wakeboarding, but it’s almost winter. Have you snowboarded before? You would love it!

    • wasitalladream

      I haven’t been snow boarding yet -it kills me it’s been on my to do list for ages, I agree I think I really would love it. Hope you are well, happy and having fun

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