MINI ADVENTURES (added 17.12.09)

It seems pertinent that for a mini person like myself,  my life should consist of a series of mini adventures.  My life is an intricate web of flippancy and foolishness .

My goal early on in life was to do one thing a week that scares me, inadvertently I have upped the ante by doing one foolish thing a day that scares everyone but me.

If you can’t be yourself around other people, be silly, and have the ability to laugh at yourself;   in my mind life is not worth living.

My life is made up of mini adventures and  when a friend asked me the other day “What is the most stupid thing you have done?” I had to pause for the longest time, not for the same reason as other people in the group who didn’t really have the stories to tell.  My pause was spent going through the years of my life as the memories came flooding back in rapid succession of all the ridiculous things I have done in the past.

It sometimes concerns me that my parents paid for private schooling for me only to have me jump out of planes, block main roads with witches hats, attempting ridiculous stunts with wakeboarding, sandboarding and surfing, snorting tequilla up my nose as a dare, kissing a jungle boy in a remote town of Indonesia.

The list sadly is endless.

This week’s mini adventure consists of a dance off with a guy from my work I barely know, at a work party.  It’s the build up, the trash talk, the thought that someone is willing to be as silly as me and understand that work does not always have to be serious that has me so excited.  That, and the fact that I can shake my booty like no other (thanks to my formal training from 13 year old American girls at a camp I volunteered at for underprivileged kids in North Carolina).

Mini adventures give me hope, make me feel alive and can be found anywhere – that is the amazing thing about them.


  1. A new adventure every week! What a way to live, I am jealous. I hope this guy knows what he’s in for? I heard on the grapevine he’s spent a lifetime watching hip hop music videos. This should be a great contest!

  2. You have THE most amazing outlook on life weeza and an incredible way of expressing it. Power to you girl 🙂

  3. I literally laucged out loud in this post. It’s so YOU!! You rock Lou xx

  4. sorry for my spelling. Clearly I didn’t go to private school!

  5. I did go to that private school and it didn’t help my shlepping.

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