Mt Barney Mountain Climb – Saturday 31 October 2009

3:45am pick-up from our house on a Saturday morning.

After hitting snooze for the 20th time,  I wondered why these things always seem like such a good idea at the time.

Driving through the lonely highways, grumbling at my lack  of sleep and sipping on my coffee (my only salvation)  I looked out the window,  the beauty that surrounded me lifted my spirits, and as I watched the fog lifting up from the ground my grumpiness quickly dissipated.


As the drive continued, and the mountain began to dominate our view, we began to wonder exactly what this hike would entail;  9 hours later we had our answer and with a cold beer in our hands  and limbs that refuse to move, we contemplated  and reflected upon what we just accomplished.


View from the top

There is something extremely rewarding about pushing your body to the limits and convincing your mind to force through those boundaries.  When fatigue has wrapped its arms tightly around you and you just want to stop, you find your inner strength and exceed your own expectations.

A little side note:  Mt Barney is  a  mountain with no clear paths in places, no amenities;  nothing but the wilderness and your eager anticipation to make it to the top of this beast.   As much as I am rambling on about finding your inner strength, that’s all well and good, but lets face it you get to the top of that mountain – apart from sleeping up there and devoting your life to becoming a mountain yeti you have to make your own way down.  Broken ankle, Broken mind – there is only one option and that is to walk.


Walk  is what we did for another four long hours.  After we had reached the top and had our lunch at 10:30am there was only one thing to do, clamber back down. We made our perilous journey downwards, with sore nanna knees,  we climbed, we slipped , we picked off the leeches, we gingerly hugged the rocks placed right on the edge of the cliff and we made it to the bottom.

Despite my inability to move my legs the next day and almost falling out of the bus on the Monday as my legs still refused to bend, the strength I felt was insurmountable.  I conquered a mountain, and I felt amazing.


  1. Your writing style is so cool Lou!!! That top picure is AMAZING. Loved reading it!

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