BEFRIENDING A CITY – RULE # 1 (added 10.06.10)

Rule number 1 when you are making a new friend – Don’t talk about your old friend, how great they are and how much you miss them.  This will only serve to make your new friend mad and perhaps feel insecure.

Less than 2 hours after I wrote about the beautiful California weather and foolishly expressed my love affair with my hometown Brisbane – San Fransisco turned on me.  The winds picked up, the temperature dropped significantly and the goosebumps on my arms were evidence of  the chill that had taken over my body.

To prove that she wasn’t kidding, I awoke the next day to a cloudy overcast day, cancelling the trip to the beach we had planned for the day.

San Francisco meant business, and this little holiday maker would like to publicly apologise for hurting her feelings and assures San Fran that there is room in my heart for more than one!


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