After my public apology to the great city of San Francisco, it really turned on its charm for us.  The clouds dissipated, the sun turned up the heat even more.  It was obvious the competition was on: who would take number one place in my heart, Brisbane or San Francisco. 

To me, there are a lot of similarities with the two cities, the size not being one of them.  While San Fransisco is obviously way larger in size than Brisbane, it has still managed to retain a friendly small city feel, and made me feel welcomed, loved and instantly at home.

The charm of San Fransisco is instantly recognisable and as we rode the cable car up the steep streets we marvelled at the city’s charisma glistening in the sunlight beneath us.  With a Starbucks on every street corner it is nearly impossible not to develop a coffee addiction, and if walking one block to the next is too much for you, there are even Starbucks drive throughs – a concept that is beyond comprehension for this little Brisbane girl.

As you can imagine in a city of this size, the options for dining out are endless.  For our first dining out experience we chose an American Diner and stuffed ourselves full of pancakes, eggs, hash browns and thickshakes – it felt the only appropriate option whilst in America!

It is sometimes difficult for me to choose between being a tourist or trying to feel like a local – both have equal appeal, yet my mission was to discover the city and that means getting the local flavour and stepping off the tourist path.  We have shopped in the local food stores,  walked the local streets and done enough shopping in Abercrombie stores, that we must look like locals, as on a few occasions we have been asked for directions.

San Fransisco has captured my heart for its unassuming allurement, it’s ability to know who it is without the false pretences.  San Fransisco is not obnoxious it is effortless in its beauty and for that I say thank you.

Thank you for making us feel so at home, thank you for making us fall in love you and thank you for opening your heart to us.

  1. Brisbane is not happy Jan. Windy, cold and cloudy. Share the love my dear! Only kidding have a bagel for me. See you when you return to your first love.

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