MOUSTACHE MAN (added 10.07.10)

Last night I went out into the valley to celebrate mine and my friends birthdays.  I have just turned 35 and feel a little sad that I have now moved into the next tick your age bracket, and in now need an extra half hour to choose my year of birth in those drop down screens that list the years, I seem to have to now scroll FOREVER.  

Age is a funny thing, and I firmly believe a huge part of feeling old is purely a state of mind and the older you get you survive by keeping fit and healthy.  Last night made me question my place in the world; I wandered around the valley surrounded by younger people, feeling like I didn’t quite belong.  I am happily married and not out to ”pick up’ , am waaaay past the going out clubbing till all hours of the morning, drinking as much as I possibly can, yet I still like to go out, have a few drinks, and have a little dance. 

As I sat in the corner of the Press Club, after bar hopping for a few hours, I pondered my dilemma, trying  to explain all of this to my friend by yelling over the music and screaming in her ears with futile efforts,  when in walks moustache man. 

Moustache man appears to be in his late thirties or early forties, he is proudly sporting a thick healthy moustache, a full bouncy permed type head of hair, and is wearing what I believed to be his favourite t-shirt from the 80’s – kept in mint condition in his cupboard to bring out for such strutting occasions. 

Yes ladies, moustache man had arrived!  While I wasted valuable dancing time in the corner, there he was dancing up a storm, and a solo one at that.  Moustache man is not restricted by age, fashion or friends, moustache man has no boundaries, and has the confidence we can all only aspire to have.  Moustache man knows his place in the world and claims his place with pride.

Moustache man – I salute you! 

Thanks for being you, for rocking out in style, and for reminding me that life is all about living it how you want to live it, not how other people tell you you should be.  How you feel inside should proudly be shown to the world and not hidden away for fear of ridicule.

I think there is a little bit of moustache man in all of us, so bring out your inner moustache!

  1. wasitalladream

    Sounds fabulous Lou! I hope you had a great time … the moustache man sounds like a cracker! Happy belated birthday x

    Chrissy Foreman C said this on July 11, 2010 at 9:45 am | Reply (edit)

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