The loneliest road in America

USA Route 50- the loneliest road in America!

I got my first clue as to why the highway has it name, when we stopped on the side of the road to have lunch and not a single car drove by in over thirty minutes.

After sitting on the hard ground for a while, we thought screw this and pulled the seats out of our car for extra comfort.

We ate, we relaxed, we basked in the sun, we enjoyed the silence, while Azza adhered to safety rules at all times and remained strapped firmly in his chair.

After sitting on the side of the road for thirty minutes on our car seats with no sign of life on this major american highway, we thought screw this; too good a photo opportunity to pass up!

While my brother takes the opportunity to do a nudie run and sheds his clothes faster than the speed of light (not really the photo opp I was looking for) we found a different way to be creative.

A nudie run and several photos of us all sitting in the road in our car seats, still the loneliest highway had not made a single other friend but us on the road.

Spending more time than we should have at this random place on the road, the memory of passing a stop sign riddled with bullet holes and the lack of any of signs of life for a solid few hours, we realised it was probably a good idea to move on.

The loneliest road also has the loneliest scenery, yet with that loneliness comes solitude, and with that solitude came beauty.

Route 50 may be the loneliest road, yet for all of us, one of the most amazing journeys of our lives.

The sense of freedom that comes from driving a long lonely stretch of road like that is liberating.

The loneliest road; the road to nowhere, the road to everywhere!

The road where nothing makes sense, yet everything became clearer.


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