Around the streets of Brisbane – featuring the Powerhouse

Today with the weather so perfect, a new lens to play with and an electric buzz in the Brisbane air, I spent my afternoon at the Brisbane Powerhouse.



With the Brisbane Powerhouse being a haven for all things creative, is it any wonder I love it so much? Places like this make you come alive and feel as though you are brimming with life.



As I walked inside, the building came alive with the soulful sounds of a beautiful jazz singer, as I took photos, I listened to the music which went past my ears, and seeped straight into my soul. I stood for a moment gazing at my shadow in this next image, and I smiled as I loved integrating myself into this scene.


The front entrance of this amazing building joins the beautiful New Farm Park, the back of the building has a wide verandah which overlooks the Brisbane River.



As we walked down to the river, we admired the park, we admired our river, and I as I do so frequently, I smile that what Brisbane lacks in size, it more than makes up for with passion, beauty and character.


The powerhouse, inspires creativity, offering us free music, free comedy, world press photo exhibitions, bars, restaurants just to name a few of the many things on offer.





When next in Brisbane, visit the powerhouse, allow your creative side to be nurtured be set free.


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