Sangria sunsets

As the sun set on an already perfect day, we arrived to a colder than expected Port Douglas, where we walked down the main street following the suns rays which led us towards the ocean.


The entire universe was conspiring together to make the 24th of June 2012 one to remember. The rays shone directly on a rustic bar, with not one but four different choices of Sangria. One of my favourite sayings is ” Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”! Although in this instance, how could we do anything but follow the path the universe was asking us to follow?

Our journey continued away from the bar and onto the Aquarius, a boat which would take us into some of the roughest seas I had encountered.

While the sunset cruise was far from relaxing, it was exhilarating watching and experiencing the full force of mother nature.


We picked the prime position at the bow, which was lovely for about five minutes, yet as I said, the sea was angry that day my friends and we quickly became drenched and freezing.




Moving to a drier location we once again marveled at the show mother nature presented us with.




Sangria, sunsets, my day was a rich tapestry of colour, filled with a multitude of majestic moments and as I close my eyes a sea of beautiful images dances across my eyes.





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