Mini break day 2- Road trip!!!!!!!

Yesterday I woke up, put on my bikini, hired a car and on a hot sunny day, set off on a road trip along the coast line. For those of you who know me, you will know just how many of my favorite things are combined there in that first sentence.




Road trips encompass so much of what makes me feel truly happy- the freedom, the adventure, the chance to explore to discover new things and places.



Our journey took us from Palm Cove to Mossman Gorge, along the windy coast line, through sugar cane, and lush green fields.




From Mossman we continued north, where we boarded the vehicle ferry crossing( the last remaining cable crossing in Australia) , from here the scenery changes dramatically as we enter not only the dense rainforest of the Daintree, but we are now in Crocodile country, and as I jump out of the car on several occasions I try to remember if you see a croc, do you stand still or run?


Much to our disappointment we were never given the chance to find out, and although the signs every two meters warned us to beware of Cassowaries crossing the road, they too were no where to be found. We did however find great amusement with the sign above, with what we can only image is showing us the cassowary before and what he may look like if we did run him over!

I am proud to report however, that no cassowaries were harmed in the production of this blog!





We arrived at Cape Tribulation ( quick interesting fact ….. Cape Tribulation got its name when Captain Cook arrived on our shores for the first time, his boat ‘The Endeavour’ hit a reef which nearly sunk it, and it is said that from that moment on he encountered the beginning of numerous tribulations).

Anyway back to me and our road trip. Cape Tribulation where the rainforest meets the ocean, where coconuts were strewn across the sand, where we ended our journey for the day, and turned around for a slow and stunningly beautiful drive back.




We walked along the beach at Cape Trib, and as the sign says we try not to die after being eaten by a crocodile, and we proceed to Cow Bay where the sun once again shone brightly in the vibrant blue sky.






Our journey took us out of Cow Bay, stopping at many beautiful lookouts on the way bound for Port Douglas.


This journey ends in Port Douglas, but our journey was far from over…….


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