A tropical getaway to warm my bones and soothe my soul

On Saturday afternoon on a chilly Brisbane day, my husband and I went to the airport.


Our arrival into Cairns took us over the beautiful coral reef.



There is something exhilarating about flying high above the clouds with the ocean below. It defies gravity, and if a plane so large and heavy can effortlessly soar so high, then it makes me feel as though anything is possible.



Our arrival into Cairns had me happily stuff ( too excited to fold) my jacket and scarf into my bag. Winter in tropical North Queensland, and we arrived to 27 degrees.

A half hour taxi drive later, and we arrive at our destination; Palm Cove, where the palm trees were swaying gently in the breeze, and I heard the faint whispers of cocktails calling our name as we approached the bars along the waters edge.



After just half an hour of being in a new location, the last two months of less than ideal circumstances faded quickly into oblivion.



As the sun set began to set, my happiness was bordering on euphoria.




With a mojito under my belt, we walked back to our resort smiling the entire way, this was day one of our tropical beach mini break…..



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