Wet weather back up plan

It is a long weekend, sadly it’s raining as I am at the Gold Coast. After a great night with friends, eating, drinking playing board games and talking rubbish, I have woken up tired, yet grateful for a three day weekend.

I sit on a couch in my luxurious apartment, with my iPad enjoying the quiet while the others remain sleeping, I’m drinking my coffee and while I don’t have the full beach views I was hoping for, I gaze out at the water and I am content.

I woke up early to practice some choreography, and I wonder what is it about being away that makes everything seem far more bearable and achievable?

As I look out I see curtains slowly opening from the many high rises surrounding me, tired faces peeking out to see what the day may bring. I wonder about all the people filling these rooms, where have they come from, where will they go next, what stories of adventure could they tell?

As the clouds slowly settle around the mountains, and the sun is no where to be found, rather than be disappointed, I am choosing to enjoy this romantic cozy side of the coast I don’t normally enjoy. This quiet and relaxed version of the normally hectic streets of surfers paradise, give it an entirely different persona and I feel peaceful and relaxed.

While our plans for a bush walk may be postponed, we will do something else- it does not matter what we do- it is a Monday and instead of work, we are on a mini break.

See that’s the thing about holidays and the weather, plan as much as you like, but you can not plan for the weather, so be adaptable, be content with what you have, change your plans and your thinking, and don’t let bad weather be the only thing you take away from your holiday!


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