Travel- the definition

Travel- the dictionary defines it as;
To go from one place to another.
To advance or proceed.
To go from place to place.

Whatever your definition of travel is, my mind can not stop glancing at ‘advancing and proceeding’. There are a million things I love about travelling, and now i have found a new one to add to my list!

One thing that continuously keeps my passion for travel alive is the possibility of exploring, of learning and seeing new things, meeting new people and opening my mind to different, wonderful things.

Life is not meant to be viewed from afar, lives are meant to be lived deeply and fully. We are not meant to stand still, to do nothing or very little with your life and not take chances is a waste.

I travel to keep growing, I live to never stand still, I learn to keep advancing and proceeding. I go from place to place with the possibility of new challenges, new adventures, new awakenings.

Give travel your own definition, but define your life by always advancing and moving forward.


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