Campervanning around New Zealand

Today I was sorting out photos, and I stumbled across photos from a campervanning trip around New Zealandin 2004.

Hard to believe it was so long ago.

I love the concept of this type of driving holiday, having the freedom to drive around and stop wherever you like. Pulling over on the side of the road when you see the sun setting, sipping vino – is there anything better?

New Zealand is a beautiful country, filled with diverse and breathtaking scenery, literally at times if you manage to visit Rotorua. If you are unsure you have arrived in Rotorua, the rotten egg smell of sulphur will assure you that you have in fact arrived and actually take your breath away.

There is so much to see and do in New Zealand, that a week simply is not enough, and as we slowly drove around the North Island we marvelled at the views we stumbled across at almost every turn.

How do you decide which activities to do when faced with so many? yet in true form we did as much as we possibly could with the little time we had.  Caving, walking, chillaxing, exploring, and just existing in the moment.

Keeping to tradition, we took every opportunity to take as many stupid photos as possible.

As I look over these photos and reminisce on the amazing trip we had, I am typing and getting distracted by thoughts of a follow-up trip and while I didn’t use these guys, I am going to throw out a shameless plug to an amazing person I know who has followed her dreams and set up her very own campervanning company Gallivanting Oz. who I may have to contact soon and book my next trip.


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