A girl and her camera wandering the streets of Byron Bay

As you know last weekend I went to Byron Bay, I took my SLR camera and wandered the streets seeing the town through new eyes, through the lens of my camera.


Life seems different somehow when you are looking for opportunities and things to capture and admire.


Byron is filled with an eclectic mix of people, the diversity of the people makes it easy to lose yourself in the atmosphere.




As I wandered the streets, I looked through my various lenses and I got excited at the many opportunities that the camera presents, a fresh perspective, meeting new people, and opening my eyes to many amazing things.





Byron Bay is a haven for surfers, travelers and the curious minded. Byron is filled with yoga,meditation places, cafes and bars, and as I type I realise I am listing pretty much everything here that I love the most, and I wonder why I don’t visit here more often.




As the sun set over Byron, I stood on the rocks and I got lost as a beautiful sunset was appearing on one side of me, and the super moon was rising on the other, to the front was the ocean, behind me musicians slowly crept out, and one moment there was silence and the next a jam session was filling the air with tribal sounding music. Moments like these are rare, and I think of all the chances of being in that moment at that time, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.





Byron Bay allowed me to escape, to lose myself,to transport myself into another world, for a brief yet beautiful moment in time.



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