The journey not the destination

I love a good road trip actually I don’t just love it – I love loooove it.

While today was not technically a road trip as such we did wake up early and drove the hour and a half south of Brisbane bound for Byron bay.


There is something about a beach holiday that renders me helpless to common sense- and even though I know it will be kind of cold – while my sensible husband packed a few jumpers – I packed my bikini – the only thing I feel I need when I go away.


I made my traveling coffee and with my little tired eyes we set out on our journey. Anyone who knows my husband knows he is not a morning person so as i rambled a series of non sensical words in my excitement – through his half closed eyes and closed mouth I could sense the urge to slap me to shut up was strong in that one!

As he dozed I chatted happily to myself and felt my excitement levels rising.


The drive to Byron is beautiful and I smiled the entire way.
The very idea of the road trip journey to me is about exploring and seeing what sights appear in your view along the way- that to me is one of the most exciting things I can imagine.



As hungry as we were I had to take some slight detours just to see what we may discover.



We stopped for a delicious breakfast then jumped back in the car to discover some more. Byron is not a new area to me, yet today I felt like I was seeing it through new eyes.




Perfect weather for exploring, amazing weather to feel alive. This is what dreams are made of!



So as the sun prepares to set over Byron Bay, and I sip my glass of Sangria, and a man is serenading me live as I type, I bid you all farewell, as I prepare to head to the beach to capture the sunset.



I am grateful for our amazing journey today, a journey that is still in the making!


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