Portofino, Italy


Today I looked through some old photo albums, back from the days when you took photos and had them printed and if you were anything like me, you had to pay the extra for the one hour developing service, as it would literally eat me up inside to have to wait longer than that. Back in those days I also made up photo albums and I took great pride and more time than I should in arranging them.

Today my eyes were drawn to my pages of the beautiful Portofino, Italy. So as not to ruin my photo album masterpiece, I have taken pics of my album using my iPhone. Clever right?

So back to the story; I booked a cheap flight from London to Genoa, having no idea what to expect, we asked some Italian friends who suggested we get the train from Genoa to Portofino – no disrespect to Genoa but wow we are glad we did!

We arrived in Portofino not knowing what to expect, yet the view that greeted our eyes blew us both away.



Portofino¬†is located on the Italian Riviera; the picturesque seaside village is framed by lush greenery, cobbled streets lead you down to the water where shops and cafes’ are abundant, boats dock in the harbor and the colorful buildings nestle themselves peacefully around the water.




We arrived, sat by the water and after some initial confusion of ordering a latte and receiving a cup of warm milk, we then ordered a cup of black coffee, poured the two together and managed to have a coffee. We sipped our home-made latte’s and drank in the ambience of the place, before we realized we should really find a place to stay. Our accommodation was the top of a hill, with a beautiful garden, which we didn’t enjoy straight away as we were too excited to explore.


We spent our few days, in a hazy state of bliss, walking, eating, drinking, then repeating that cycle again. Discovering beauty wherever we turned. We left with full bellies, with a caffeine overload, and with heavy hearts.



If there is one thing I have learnt when you are leaving a place and feeling sad, it is to play it cool just like the Fonz!



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