The ‘Beauy’

Today I went on a small road trip with my husband, brother and fiance.  It’s the last day of the 4 day Easter break and we needed one last tiny adventure before we headed back to work.

We drove to Beaudesert – an hours drive from our house, we were in search of cool refreshing rockpools and ‘The Beauy Pub’.  A quick side story:  The pub I was searching for – the pub from my memories of the trip a few years before, was an old country pub and while I may have forgotten the architecture of the pub and the actual name of the pub; what I do remember vividly is walking in last time to use the bathroom.  I am sure that on that occasion a few years ago, as I walked in and quickly looked around at the several pairs of beady eyes staring back at me, I realised I was the only female in the pub on that day, and quite possibly the only female there since 1972 – the music seemed to grind to a halt and I am taking the writers liberty to embellish the story further to tell you that a tumbleweed blew in. At least that is how it appeared at the time.

While the tumbleweed is in fact fiction, the eyes were on me, and it did feel like the music stopped.  Turns out- the name of the pub is actually the Beaudesert and it is nothing like a county pub at all but let us get back to today……

We did marvel at the men in akubra’s sitting at the bar for possibly longer than they sit at home, we had steak and beer for lunch and we continued on our quest for the rockpools.

That’s the thing about the traveling bug trapped inside you, it comes out  in various forms, at various opportunities and it nags you relentlessly until you feed it. My traveling bug is consistently nagging me to come out and play.

We drove through the vast Australian countryside, we were one of the few mini (or regular sized if you will ) cars amongst 4WD’s, trailers, campervans and still our little car persisted, keeping up the big boys, refusing to give up and back down.

We finally found a creek, a beautiful cool oasis in stark contrast to the rolling fields on our journey.  We screeched the car to a halt, and ran out and plunged our feet into the calming cold water.

In actual fact we drove for far too long for the amount of time we actually spent at our final destination, however that to me is part of the traveling and adventure experience.  Drive somewhere anywhere, who cares – just go somewhere and experience whatever is there, go off the beaten path, have no end destination – just explore and see what you discover.

Today we just needed to explore I am pretty sure that none of us really even care what we found, we just needed that fix, that little trip that high that comes from stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something different for a day.


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  1. “…quite possibly the only female there since 1972…” – haha 🙂

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