The place where I live

(Take two – I am so excited by life and everything in it right now that I accidentally published this post without even finishing it)

Yesterday morning I woke up put on my bikini, threw my surfboard in the car and drove to the beach.

Just driving by myself wearing my bikini while glancing over at my surfboard sent my pulses racing.

I arrived at Currumbin and as I smothered my skin in sunscreen I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the perfect waves rolling in, the crystal clear water and vibrant blue sky in front of me.

I live in a beautiful part of the world and days like this make me remember just how lucky I am.

I live in a place that people dream of visiting. I live in a place that I dream of returning to when I am overseas.

As soon as that water washed over my body and I jumped on my board after a long break from surfing I felt like I was home again, I felt like that missing part of me had returned and I was whole again.

The first wave I caught a million emotions raced into me in rapid succession. Pure joy, excitement and contentment.  A shadow of sadness that I have let so much time pass was quickly suppressed as I caught my second wave and that joy instantly returned.

These days are what musicians sing about, writers write about, and artists try to capture and portray in every form possible.

Days like this are akin to the most perfect scene and experience I could ever dream of creating for myself.

The place where I live, has beautiful beaches, perfect waves (at times) wide open spaces, and endless possibilities.

The place where I live makes me feel alive, and free. The place where I live motivates and inspires me, and for every amazing country that I visit, the amazing place where I live, always keeps me returning to my home.


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